Moderna Covid Vaccine Effectiveness Against Delta Variant

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Weekly update of september 28, 2021. Moderna vaccine provides strong protection against delta variant in prison outbreak.

TRICARE Communications COVID19 Vaccine Confidence Graphic Delta Variant Are You Protected
Covid-19 Delta Variant Healthmil

The mrna vaccine from pfizer and biontechmay be less effective than moderna’s against the delta variant of the coronavirus.

Moderna covid vaccine effectiveness against delta variant. Moderna vaccine provides strong protection against delta variant in prison outbreak, study shows. Ve for both mrna vaccines was higher than that for the janssen vaccine (ve = 71%) (all p<0.001). Moderna may be superior to pfizer vaccine against delta variant.

That data also indicate that. That data also indicate that moderna’s vaccine is significantly more effective against delta than pfizer and johnson & johnson. According to the researchers, the pfizer vaccine was 80% efficient, while the johnson & johnson preventative was 60% successful in preventing hospitalizations among persons aged 18 and above.

Importantly, study authors note that the moderna vaccine appears to be “significantly” more effective against the delta variant.

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